Bioret Agri

ZI de la Sangle
Nort-sur-Erdre, france 44390

P: 0033 2 40 72 12 30
F: 0033 2 40 72 25 03

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About Bioret Agri

Bioret Agri is your COMFORT SOLUTION PROVIDER and an innovative French company. The European leader of seamless mattresses and water beds for dairy cow comfort.

- AquaClim® by BIORET AGRI – Discover a new concept in cooled bedding for dairy cattle to battle heat stress : a real innovation that increases milk production !

- Magellan® by BIORET AGRI is the first active rubber alley flooring. Cows’ hooves are elevated above the excreted fluids keeping them dry, harder and more resistant to infection.

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  • Animal Health
  • Dairy Services & Supplies
  • Farm Supplies