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About Datatech

Lighten Your Workload

With Software Built For Ag

Accounting, Inventory, Payroll, Sales, HR

With increasing laws and regulations on the Ag industry, people are wasting more and more time in the office. With Datatech’s Ag Software tailored just for you, you’ll get your work done faster, remain compliant, and add hours back to your day.


Are You Ready for Software That Fits Your Business?

1. Request a Free Consultation 

Our team will walk you through a personalized demonstration of an Ag software package tailored to your needs and budget. 

2. We Will Go to Work 

We will work alongside you to ensure a smooth transition — including help with installation, imports, training, and ongoing support.

3. Watch Your Business Grow 

With Datatech on your team, you’ll save time and money as your business grows — so you can spend your time doing what you love.


Find the Right Software for Your Ag Business


  1. Save time calculating profit by automatically tracking field income & expenses
  2. Eliminate spreadsheets with built-in crop budgets and budget comparison reports
  3. Easily allocate equipment usage & pesticide inventory

Labor Contractors & Farm Managers

  1. Save time on payroll entry with shortcuts designed for crew based payroll
  2. Automate grower billing from your time entries
  3. Satisfy clients with easy-to-read labor reports designed for FLC grower reporting

Produce Shippers & Brokers

  1. Real-Time inventory and PTI traceability
  2. Easy grower liquidations
  3. Fully integrated accounting and general ledger system
  4. ShipMobile Warehouse App now available!


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Special Features:

Ag Payroll

Easy payroll entry that is designed for Ag labor, including crew based entry options and time collection app imports 

Automatically Calculates:

  • Rest & Recovery
  • Overtime
  • Sick Pay
  • Minimum/Guaranteed Wage
  • Third party integration with Positive Pay, Direct Deposit, QuickBooks and more

Accounts Payable & General Ledger

Simple, quick entry to keep track of all your finances.

  • Farms:  Track your field and equipment costs for quick cost and profit analysis.
  • Shippers: Create invoices automatically for freight, produce purchases and deduct expenses for grower based sales calculations.

A variety of financial statements can be printed or exported to Excel.

Accounts Receivable

  • Farmers: Track income by field/crop for profit analysis.
  • Labor Contractors: Invoices for labor are automatically generated from the payroll entries with multiple methods of billing available.
  • Shippers: Easily enter orders, track inventory, warehouse management, and update A/P for produce, freight and other costs.  Grower sales track costs and other deductions to provide an easy to read statement for growers and automatically creates an A/P invoice to pay them.

Cost Accounting

  • Keep track of costs at the level you need, (Block, Field, Crop, Ranch, etc...)

  • Use the Job costing level for detailed tracking of labor and purchases

  • Track equipment usage and cost to fields for accurate profit analysis

  • Allocate pesticide and other chemical usage by application usage

  • Easily customize reports and budgets to the level of detail you need

Farm Labor Contractor Reports

  • Payroll entries automatically populate grower reports that meet all state and federal regulations.

  • Report ordering and sub-totals are customizable and labor and employee data can be exported to Excel by grower.

  • Multiple billing methods are available including flat with commission, fixed rate and mixed options.

Produce Sales & Inventory

  • A variety of modules are available depending on the needs of your business including brokerage fee based sales, buy/sell or grower based sales, lot/pool/pallet tag inventory, PTI case labeling and more

  • Modules can be added on as your business grows and needs change

  • Fully integrates with A/P and G/L modules to provide a complete accounting package

Human Resource Management

Automatically shares your payroll database to save you from duplicate entry 

       Health Insurance

  • Automate employee eligibility, enrollment, and ACA reporting


  • Safety Meeting & Training Programs
  • Injuries (incl. OSHA Reporting)
  • Equipment Checked out and Inventory  
  • Employee Complaints, Warnings and Litigation

Document Management

  • Digitally scan and save important documents for quick and easy access

  • Link documents to customer or vendor invoices and employee records

  • Prevent sensitive information from being lost or accessed with our security features


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